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Salt Chamber


Halotherapy (also known as Salt Therapy) is an inhalation of micro sized dry salt particles that is well recognized in Europe as a safe, natural & complementary form of health care. When these tiny, dry salt particles are inhaled into the respiratory system, they absorb excess mucus, widen the airways and increase lung capacity.


Salt absorbed into the body and bloodstream via the skin and lungs during a salt therapy session also helps to boost the body’s immunity and resistance to illnesses, improve cell’s metabolic processes and strengthen the functions of autonomic nerves.

Halotherapy helps with respiratory issues, skin conditions, boosts the immune system & improves an overall sense of well-being! The calming & detoxifying effects can support the immune, nervous & lymphatic systems. It is great for stress relief and promotes deep relaxation!


*Please Note: Clients are advised to seek the approval of their medical professional prior to commencing this treatment. 

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